Giant Moths

The ‘Giant Moths’ collection was inspired by worn-out old blankets. Masha used the outlines of her Moth prints for quilting patterns and wanted to create clothes at the juncture of classic Asian peasant jackets and a high level of craftsmanship – each detail of trousers, jackets, hoods, sleeves and pockets was cut out and quilted separately, then washed in boiling water to soften the textiles, shrunk to a state of cozy, soft and comfortable everyday wear.

Urban Alphabet

This collection is inspired by street style and culture, graffiti and the real boldness of truly free and spiritually strong people. Monochrome graphical symbols of phalluses and skulls are a little cartoonish and satirically provocative.

Quilted cotton and silk textures with unisex silhouettes are the reference to the Far Eastern oriental rustic village costumes. Streetwear references are introduced in utilitarian details, such as applied pockets, zips and torn edges. Besides other meanings phallus images are esoteric symbols which symbolize the rebellious and free spirit of the open-minded people.

Fall 2017

Love, death, sex, conspiracy theories, pop culture, mysticism and more.

Collaboration with MOPE+

Inspired by the beautiful location of the port city of Vladivostok I designed and made a bunch of sea inspired prints on blue cotton for this collaboration.

I was also obsessively inspired by the broken pieces of ceramics shaped by the sea. There is a beach called ‘Glassy’, which is not far from Vladivostok, where instead of pebbles or sand there are millions and billions of neatly shaped pieces of glass, ceramics and clay bricks washed up on the shore by the sea of Japan.

Flora & Fauna 2016

The shapes and silhouettes of this collection are inspired by traditional clothing of Ainu indigenous people. The accent is made on coziness, wearability and comfort. People of traditional cultures tend to live in harmony with nature.

Prints and collage patterns are inspired by animism (from Latin anima, “breath, spirit, life”), which is the religious belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence.