This collection is a result of one and a half years of work which started during pandemic and lockdowns. Many of us were unable to continue our lives as we planned or expected. It was an outburst of emotions and fatigue with a chance of a nervous breakdown. Because of that it was very important for me to work with the most inspiring material. It turned out to be the trip which happened just before the pandemic Рto the Australian rural town called Springbrook. Is is located in the heart of Springbrook National Park and it is a part of the Gondwana Rainforests. I remember heavy fogs, waterfalls and very old trees, rocks, parrots and kangaroos which were co-existent in this surreal spot of time and place.

During this trip I have made a lot of cyanotype prints, photographs, scanned and documented a vast number of local flora and that was very helpful in the process of creating prints for the collection. I have used various techniques while working on this collection: hand-bleaching, eco-printing, quilting, embroidery, knitting, cyanotype, digital collage. Some of the photographs I have used was taken by my husband Alex Korotkoff who is an artist working with analogue photography and alternative photographic processes.