We make textile art with a household bleach
Designing for the daring modern women, Masha Lamzina creates unique handcrafted garments based on her textile stencil hand-bleaching technique. She believes in the future of slow artisanal fashion. A strong focus on experimental prints and faded, washed quilted textures allows her to create the distinctive forward-looking mix of contemporary fashion and textile art.
Hand-bleaching process
All of Masha’s pieces are made with her belief in art and uniqueness over a passing trend. Initially inspired by stencil graffiti and street art, combining that with her experience as a graphic designer, she developed the technique of vinyl stencil bleaching of cotton fabrics, which creates absolutely unique and one-of-a-kind look. The process is labour intensive, but rewarding. The wash cycles are essential in the process. Each piece is thoroughly washed – at the printing stage right after printing for bleacher removing, then, usually multiple times as garment washing.


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