Cyanotype Jacket with Maple Leaves


This one-of-a-kind jacket is made out of original cyanotype prints. Cyanotype prints of maple leaves pattern were made on pre-cutted sewing pattern of the jacket before sewing pieces together. Cyanotype is a camera-less contact printing technique. Laying an object on fabric (as in our case), coated with a solution of iron salts before exposing it to UV light and washing with water results in creating beautiful white and Prussian blue images.
It is a part of the ‘Shades of Blue’ collection.

Product Details: 

  • Material: Top: 100% Cotton, Lining: 100% Cotton, Filling: 100% Polyester
  • Size: M
  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash 40°C max with special detergent suitable for washing cyanotypes (mild hand soap, not containing any phosphates, bleach or sodium)
  • Do not Iron
  • Drying instructions: Room temperature
  • Do not tumble dry, do not bleach