Our “looks” in Lucca.

I can’t stop eating Italian food, such as olives, melons, watermelons, peaches and nectarines, and sometimes even “gelato” which means “guilty ice-cream” and it is guiltier than just guilty, because it is a bit often than “sometimes”!
But funny thing is that for two weeks in Italy we haven’t been in Italian restaurant and has ate pasta only once – when I cooked it in the kitchen of our guesthouse few days ago! And absolutely incredible thing about food and us is the fact that we already were three times in Indian restaurants, and there was best Indian restaurants we’ve ever visited!

On photos*:
1. Rustic in Lucca
2. Streets of Lucca
3. Watermelon in Lucca

*all clothes (except Alex’s new “boss” shirt from street market) are handmade by me.

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