Memories of Our Trip to Italy This Summer.

I still have few unpublished series of photos from my trip to Italy this summer. It is probably not quite interesting to make many small posts, so i decided to put every photos altogether and even try to say few words about them.
1. Barga. What can I say about Barga, this city looks like city from my dreams, it is very small and cozy but too sleepy if you might ask my opinion.

2. It is very interesting game when you arrive to Florence you are becoming a guy from The Sartorialist blog, the atmosphere of city itself makes it with you. As for me, Alex looks like mafiozi from Napoli on these photos, but his mother says he is like Adriano Celentano, italian singer and actor who was very popular in Soviet Russia.

3. Assisi. The magnificent Assisi, where I was too tired to play fashion games and wore the same pants all the time. There is a spiritual  feeling in the city that you must look inside yourself, and after a week walking there and around Assisi, I felt so free.

4. Trieste. I have no words to describe Trieste, it is not very “italian”, but it is my favorite city in Italy, the wind and the sea and the pier… It was a windy day, and I fall in love with this city, again and always 🙂

5. Fiesole. I want to stay here forever, but I must go…

*** All printed T-Shirts, strange pants and shorts on these pictures are made by me.

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  1. Маша, брюки меня поразили) такие легкие и красивые

  2. Прошли тест путешествием 🙂

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