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My Favorite “Homeless” Style in Blue.

What I don’t like in social networks. The openness of the person in modern social networks and the opportunity to draw a parallel between the virtual and the real person is the most horrible. A normal healthy person will always be against it and always a little bit in favor of it. People should have the right to express themselves, to share themselves, but the army of trolls will always come and say “you are a fool and your opinion is dull”. And since the opinion of any person is always a bit relatively stupid, a person falls into despair and loses the desire to publicly express himself. You have to have a certain courage for public expression, and anonymity is a great tool to inspire courage, firstly you try yourself anonymously, and then, becoming more and more popular, you can open yourself to the world. With me on the contrary, the openness to the world prevents me to be really courageous. People want me to suit their expectations, but I’m still a child and a rebel, rebel and a nonconformist. It seems that the most important thing (for me) is to remain open to modern trends, not to lose a contact with youth. In my heart I’m a skinhead, dressed up like a ninja, and in the eyes of people I’m a strange person. “Strange” is the most frequent and most incorrect definition of me.

For this photoshoot I used a silk quilted coat from my FALL17 collection, Flora print skirt from my SS15 collection and an unfinished Scull print summer coat.
All photos by Alex Korotkoff

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