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My space at the ARTISTBAZAR in Vladivostok.

From 23rd to 25th of July, the ‘ARTISTBAZAR’ festival took place in Vladivostok. The festival has brought together a large number of local artists. We all had our personal or shared spaces in a former artillery workshop building. I have used my space as a mini gallery of my textile art dreams. I covered every inch of my walls with various prints or artworks, but due to the delicacy and plasticity of textiles it didn’t look too dense but rather gave the visitors the exact feelings I wanted them to get.

It was three amazing days, during which the festival was visited by up to 3000 people! And about two thousand have visited my space! Wow! People shared their emotions, made a lot of photos, asked about different techniques I use, said they never thought of art being implemented on such an ‘unusual’ medium as textile. 🙂

It was humble and unique experience for me. I have spent most of the time together with fellow artists working in different genres, of various age and with very unique life experiences. It was the event which united our local art community. Many thanks to those who have visited the festival and  wished me luck, and to those who wanted to visit but was unable to for various reasons. I’m excited to share some photos with all of you!

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