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Moth Print Quilted Jackets.

This patchwork jackets are made from many moth prints, silk-screened on cotton of various shades of pink. There are four types of moths used for this print series: Tiger Moth, Giant Leopard Moth, Idalus Herois and Banded Tussock Moth. Initially the moth prints were hand-bleached on cotton as a part of the series of artworks for my first exhibition ‘The Beginning’ held at Arka gallery, Vladivostok. To make silk-screen prints, the original print was scanned and duplicated on fabric in the pop-art manner. The fabrics used for the jackets are leftovers from the print series I created for my first solo-show in 2015. The jackets have dark blue denim finishing details, zipped double pockets and delicate pink cotton lining inside.

The patchwork jackets are available in my shop:

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