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‘Millionka’ Quilts

Back in 2021, I created a series of quilted blankets based on my original prints for a fancy restaurant project ‘Millionka’. Here I will share photos of my works and some details of my creative process.

The term ‘Millionka’ is originally a historic name of the area where the restaurant is situated. Just imagine, over hundred years ago there was a neighborhood of Vladivostok where a lot of Asian immigrants lived and worked. The name ‘millionka’ came from the density of the living population in the area: figuratively speaking, there were ‘millions’ of habitats living in a small block. They were an organic part of a diverse community Vladivostok was in those times. The concept for the restaurant project was to link this Asian and European designs and cultures, since there were such an organic mixture back then.

So I created digital collages mixed from vintage photos of Far Eastern habitats, elements of traditional Russian designs, photos of plants and forests and many more:

I printed my gigantic digital collage on durable and soft synthetic fabric. Then I cut blankets and quilted them together with synthetic:

So here we are, firstly a digital image, secondly a high-quality textile print, and finally beautifully quilted seat covers for a fancy restaurant!

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