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‘Je Suis en INDE’ Project

This is a project ‘Je suis en Inde’. I’ve created it during my trip to India in February 2023. After three long years of staying home during pandemic, I wanted to celebrate my comeback to my own traveler’s paradise, the beautiful Bharat Mata.

The project was planned as photoshoots on as many various places as possible. In the center of each frame stands an artist holding a white flag with the inscription saying that she is in India. The idea was to take a textile artwork depicting a phrase ‘Je suis en Inde yes yes да’ into variety of colourful Indian locations. So we’ve metaphorically captured the fact of being in India again and again.

I’ve combined the text inscription of three different languages. A main sentence ‘Je suis en Inde’, meaning ‘I am in India’, is written in French. I chose French instead of English to show the alternative idea of global language, having in mind the darker sides of the colonial history which lead to spreading English all over the globe. Two other languages are English and my native Russian.

We took photos in New Delhi, Kolkata, Puri, Varanasi and Mathura.

All photos © Alex Korotkov.

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