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Patchwork Silk Pants

It took me nearly 3 years to complete this laboriously made trousers. 

They embody all the textile craft things I used to be inspired by, such as Japanese sashiko technique, patchwork, machine quilting, raw silk textures and many others. A silhouette of the trousers was inspired by Japanese fisherman pants. However as it is a womenswear garment I made its shape more feminine and elegant than the original fisherman pants would be.

The trousers are made of raw Indian silk fabric which was quilted on wool. The front and the back of them were painstakingly quilted with the traditional Japanese Sashiko “Hemp” pattern and the sides are done with the originally Native Americans “Morning Star” Quilt pattern. I thought that it would be a real quest to mix craft ideas from different cultures and countries which inspired me a great deal. I think at the end that the “Hemp” and “Stars” are perfectly match each other with their geometry.

Here are a few photos of the laboriously process of making really tiny silk patchwork stars:

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