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Nature Print Green Dress

Right now I’m in a process of creating a collection with Nature prints. I’m really into making collages with floral and animal elements and I’m never tired to experiment more and more with these patterns on different fabrics. 

While the collection I’m working on is a secret yet, I would like to show you a dress I did last year. This dress is a result of my creative processes. it’s not a complete garment, but is more an experimental object. It is important for me, because without this dress I wouldn’t make more complicated and wearable garments. The dress is really simple in cut (a plain rectangle) and its artistic value is mostly in print itself which is made on a few half-transparent cotton fabrics sewed in colour palette with a gradient from dark-green to light-greyish-green.

Here is the bleaching stage in the process:

This dress is a replica of my black dress which you can see in this post:


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