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My participation in Kyoto Art Exhibition!

6th Kyoto Art Exhibition took place in Kyoto from 6th to 11th of June 2017. I participated with two artworks with complicated meaning: “Meeting with the Spring forest Goddess” and “Meeting with the Autumn forest Goddess”. The main theme for the exhibition was ’Let’s Hope for Peace with our Souls’ and I wanted to develop the idea of importance of having a deep connection with Mother Nature which is the foundation of our roots and the essence of our existence. Divine South India’s Goddess named Pratyangira Devi became the prototype of the both forest Goddesses in my textile artworks.


Opening ceremony:

“Meeting with the Spring forest Goddess”:

“Meeting with the Autumn forest Goddess”:

This is me at the opening ceremony:

I’m very grateful to Japan art community who invited me to take part in this exhibition! This short but intensive trip to Japan became very productive for me and I’m full of new fresh ideas and can’t wait to start on them!

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