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Striped Quilted Parka

This unique parka has multiple layers of fabrics and prints. It fastens with snap buttons on the front and on the sides, allowing us to wear it in different ways, styles and combinations. We can wear it fully unzipped as a poncho. The option with the sides buttoned and the sleeves unbuttoned will create a flounce effect reminiscent of wings. Finally, the fully buttoned parka will protect wearer in cold and windy weather.

The parka is quilted in layers for a perfect fit and durability. The top layer is made of striped fabric covered with fine transparent lace, inside the parka is insulated with syntepon and the lining is made of soft white cotton.

The digital print on cotton on the hood and the pockets is based on the original cyanotype print, giving them a personalized and original touch. Each placket on the jacket is made of hand-dyed indigo cotton.

Don’t miss the chance to buy this wonderful quilted parka that combines exquisite design, original elements and impeccable quality. Be unique in every situation!

Buy the parka here:

Striped Quilted Parka


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