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Quilted Eco Print Jacket with Horses

I want to share with you a story behind the creation of this one-of-a-kind quilted eco print jacket with decorative horses from the Springbrook collection:

The digital print on the cotton fabric from which the jacket is made is based on the eco-print I made in the summer of 2020 from the leaves of the Far Eastern plants. Eco-prints are made from living plants by extracting tannins onto the fabric. The print is relatively small, but I enlarged it to reveal every speck and touch of texture on the final fabric:

I’ve made the decorative elements from scraps of Indian silk. I braided two little horses and loops for buttons, using simple technique to make the jacket more authentic. I was decorating it during cozy early spring days at my hometown, and the weather somehow tuned with the vibe of the final results:

One day it was gray and wet in the air, and another day everything was covered with beautiful white snow:

I really like the vibe of this quilted jacket, it is definitely one-of-a-kind piece with the special Far Eastern sentiment. Particularly for the horse lovers!

You can shop the jacket here:

Quilted Jacket with Horses


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