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This is how I make my hand-bleached prints.

All my fashion experiments are inspired by a stunning beauty of street art. If I’ve had not such a passion about textile, I would probably be a street artist, so I took the best part of it – stencils, and an idea of stencil art on fabrics and on clothes, using a spray with a bleacher instead of a spray with a paint. In few years I developed and upgraded my technique. At the first step I create graphic image on a computer, after that I cut it on a specific stickers using cutting machine, stick it on a fabric, and after that spraying a chloride bleacher from a spray:

And in few minutes a miracle (of bleaching) happens:

This technique is suitable only for very simple cotton fabrics. Due to that cotton is a main material I work with (include cotton jersey and denim).

Few years ago all the process was handmade, including cutting, so my prints weren’t as much detailed as now:

But, still, I like them very much!

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