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My First Textile Solo Exhibition.

My first solo exhibition took place in Vladivostok in June 2015. It was my debut as an artist with my self-developed hand-bleached art prints technique.
I have presented a few large-scale prints on a theme “The Unity of Nature”. These prints with floral and animal motifs are probably the major subject in my current creative processes. I’m highly interested in making multiple collages and playing with different scales of plant and animal graphic images and their variations. 
I dedicate my creativity to creation, where Nature brings everything into existence.
Mixing objects in non-standard variations and scales causes the audience to perceive the unity of Nature through graphic symbolism.
I’m pleased to debut as an artist with my self-developed stencil hand-bleaching technique which is, I believe, the most suitable for what and how I want to express myself. Therefore It is a good combination of my initial graphics and resulting artworks. The hand-bleached stencil technique meaningfully emphasizes graphics in prints, at the same time textile is the most beneficial material to represent the graphics as it adds depth and elegance to the final result.
Here are a few photos from the exhibition:

Besides the prints mentioned on photos above, there were artworks which were presented on the blog earlier:




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