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Quilted “Pyjamas” for Dreamers

It was my intention to make pyjamas with creative prints on them for a long time. Also the idea of making garments quilted as blankets is quite attractive for me. So this loose and cozy “pyjamas” outfit, which connects aesthetics of garments for sleeping in and quilted blankets, delivers the idea of elimination of borders between dreams and reality.
For this outfit I chose a print based on my own collage artwork which is a face of a lady covered with a face of another lady. Hair of one becomes the moustache for another. This grotesque print is also a reference to the dreaming state, and it erases the distinction between real life and our dreams.

I have purposely quilted this outfit with stripes which is a reference to some rough clothes of a common prisoner or countryman in Russia. It is always an important part of my creativity in fashion, to show the beauty of women in simple, natural, rough and sometimes even unpleasantly looking textures, because i believe in the beauty itself and that the true beauty will be doubled in such outfits.

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