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The BORO Coat.

This coat is made of tiny little pieces of different Japanese fabrics. I was deeply inspired by old Japanese textiles called Boro, when handmade appliques are done of different bits of fabrics. This way blankets, jackets, kimonos and even pants were made. Literally translated as rags or scraps of cloth, the term BORO is also used to describe clothes and household items which have been patched-up and repaired many times.
Once clothing was made, it would be maintained throughout the owner’s lifetime, or perhaps even longer. The most wide-spreaded garments in Boro technique are made of hemp fabrics dyed in indigo colour, however I decided to use modern patchwork and homewear Japanese cotton fabrics for the coat. This adds natural look to the final garment. Each boro item is by its very definition, absolutely unique.
Now it is valued as art and has become highly collectible.
My BORO coat is cut out on a straight silhouette with a stitched silk lining. It is very cozy and for the real connoisseurs of this style It will be a favourite, most comfortable and absolutely unique item in a wardrobe for many years.

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  1. Anny Key says:

    Маша, какие у вас нереально прекрасные вещи! Спасибо, что показываете их 4-)

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