Cotton, Hand-printed, Handmade, Quilt, Stencils

Orange Quilted Bag With Printed Fish.

Sometimes I realise that I shouldn’t make such complicated work as you see here because it takes a lot of my time and gives me no ability to finish all the crafts I have started. But I said to myself that this summer I will complete as much unfinished crafts started in the last few years as I can.  
The creation of this tremendously crafted Orange Fish Bag has a long story. I dreamt of a fish print jacket, and I cut the fish stencils but didn’t make the print on the fabric. A year later I found these fish stickers and decided to make the print on some spare orange cloth. I though it may become an interesting sleeveless jacket. But the colour was too bright to make it a part of the collection I was working on, so I left the parts of a potential garment for half a year.

By the way, the idea of finishing all the crafts I’ve started gave me an insight that it can be a perfect bag. All the pieces were just made into one puzzle. Finally I have a medium sized bag, it is made of orange cotton with hand-bleached fish prints on it. The lining is red silk from India, and a layer between silk and cotton is thick wool which shrank after I finally washed the bag.

Here are a few Instagram pics from the time I was working on this bag, I love such photos so you can imagine the process of creativity:

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