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‘Yoga on Turtles’ Series – Print 1 – Uttanasana.

I have the idea to make a series of a few prints – ‘Yoga on Turtles’.

Nowadays I try to make out a size of the future prints and a colour of the fabric I will work with. It is always a tricky path, because generally bleacher doesn’t work as good as you want it to work. And a colour of a particular fabric washes away in so many different ways. 
Nevertheless, I like the process of making bleached prints as well as the result I get. Today I bleached two prints with a girl in Uttanasana pose standing on a giant American Box Tortoise. I used pink and brown cotton fabrics from India. Although the same stencil was used for both the prints, they look different and yet I don’t know which one is the best.
This is the Gray-Pink Print:

 This is the Dark-Brown Print:

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