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‘Yoga On Turtles’ Quilted Prints – Uttanasana & Chakrasana.

Well, let me show you my first ever project of hand-bleached artworks! For a several years it was my dream to make prints not for clothes (which I also enjoy a lot of course!) but the prints themselves. 
I already did a few small samples, but my true intention was to make prints as big as possible, although it turned out to a pretty complicated issue. When you work with such unstable process as bleaching, you face a lot of difficulties, but my experience in this field is rather exclusive, so with thorough preparations I’ve easily made two large prints and now I have even bigger one in plans!
So these are the two prints of my ‘Yoga on Turtles’ series, printed on pinkish-brown cotton and quilted.
Yoga on Turtles – ‘Uttanasana’, print on cotton, 120x150cm:

Yoga on Turtles – ‘Chakrasana’, print on cotton, 120x150cm:

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